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Brian R. Kenny

Ten years ago I moved to NYC from Michigan in search of new adventures. My heart remains a Midwest boy’s while it’s true love is this city and the amazing wife it gave me. We met three years ago on a summer-soaked rooftop and we’ve been exploring the world together since. Since then we’ve built a simple but cozy life together filled with new experiences and wonderful people.

Photography has the power to pull the raw emotion of our memories out to be relived. This amazing power drives my simple approach: capture how the moment felt. This could be the focus and care that you put into your work. Your unpredictable reaction when you were seconds from being engaged. The surge of emotion at first glance of your partner walking towards the alter. Or the full heart that came home with your newborn.

I want your most precious moments to come alive every time you revisit your albums.

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It’s a pleasure to learn that you’ve connected with my work in some way. I would love to hear all about your story, what you’d like captured to keep for all time, and how I can help preserve your most precious memories.

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